Who Snapped It Better?

We might have mentioned it briefly, but ES has started a Flickr group over at…umm…Flickr.  We already have some great shots that people have added.  And to entice you all to drop your own amazing pics in there, we are going to start, hopefully, a new series here called Who Snapped It Better.

Ok, fine, it’s just voting on a picture you like best, but hopefully you might see your own photo featured in a future vote.

With that, let the voting commence!

(after the jump, of course)

Photo 1, from FotoCuisine — Acorn Squash, Orange, Sage Grouper

Entry Deux, from flyingdutchee –Nangka/Jackfruit

Playing third base, flickr user norwichnuts — Miso Sesame Seitan

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Lego paparazzi by flickr user turkguy0319

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  • BS November 13, 2008  

    wow that jackfruit is crazy looking

  • gansie November 13, 2008  

    i bet it tastes like a sea urchin

  • JoeHoya November 13, 2008  

    New thing I learned today: Lego paparazzi have a fashion sense nearly identical to that of your average German.

    Green denim and Western garb = a timeless combination.

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