Restaurant 3


Step away from the television sets—ESPN will still be there when you return to your favorite buffalo-sauce-stained bar stool. Clarendon has a new spot in town — Restaurant 3 — and it doesn’t pay homage to the Redskins. Say hello to tuna lollipops, ready to be dipped in wasabi cream and cooled off with bites of seaweed salad. Mero, Japanese sea bass, will also catch your attention: This silky fish, atop a creamy mixture of risotto and roasted acorn squash, will surely replace any memories of fried snacks.
For: Exchanging SportsCenter for sea bass.
Entrées: $15-$28. 703-524-4440. O, B, V.  2950 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington.

A version of this originally appeared in the Onion – AV Club / DC local edition

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  • BS October 23, 2008  

    you’re writing about VIRGINIA???

  • Anne October 23, 2008  

    That’s because Virginia ROCKS!!

  • Maidelitala October 23, 2008  

    ummm tuna lollipops? NO!

  • gansie October 23, 2008  

    *shameless plug*
    if you’re in the DC area, you can find my monthly dining articles in Express today and I have a feature in this week’s Onion.

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