Things Even America Really Shouldn’t Have Invented


Maidelitala sent this one along and I just had to share. Yes, it’s the latest product for those of you who always wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but haven’t figured out how to use your opposable thumbs to open that gosh darn jar.

Pre-sliced, individually packaged peanut butter.

I would link to the company’s site, but I think they deserve no promotion, only derision.

via: Thursday Night Smackdown.

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12 thoughts on “Things Even America Really Shouldn’t Have Invented

  1. Peanut-rubber: what I always wanted my mama to pack in my lunches.

  2. i have no love lost for the PB slice – after all, i posted it as a “what the fuck?” but the amount of vitriol directed toward it makes me feel almost sorry for it.

    okay, not really. it’s still fucking disgusting.

  3. You gotta be kidding me. Please, for the love of all thats holy, tell me this is a joke…

    I can tell its not, but if I hope long enough maybe it will come true!

  4. Having gotten over my initial revulsion to the very concept, two things strike me as problematic:

    1. Creamy peanut butter should be soft and spreadable. If it is, good luck getting it out of that plastic wrap. If it’s not, then I suspect the texture will be a significant turn-off.

    2. That’s WAY less peanut butter than I like on my PB&J…I would need two or three slices to make a decent sandwich.

  5. Perhaps these PB slices are more resistant to spoilage. Or I guess they could be useful on a long nature hike.

  6. they probably are a nonperishable item… then again so is rubber, still wouldn’t want to chew on it

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