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A few weeks back I happened to be looking through September’s issue of Food and Wine Magazine, as I was searching for inspiration for a fall themed dinner. I came across this great recipe for chorizo-filled dates wrapped in bacon — I had to try it.

I’ve wanted to make this recipe for some time now but have not really had a reason to (like one needs a reason to wrap anything in bacon.) However, a friend of mine invited me to a presidential debate party last Friday and all the guests were required to a bring a bottle or food. I was at a loss on what I could make until I saw this; it was great. Prunes and dates are both drupes (thanks wiki) so I figured it was a perfect tribute, McCain was going to get eaten alive by Obama so it seemed fitting that I make these.

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly as indicated in F&W because this was a gay debate party and all dishes had to be free of fats.

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-Remove the casing of two low fat Italian turkey sausage and cut into small enough chunks to fill the dates.

-Slice the medjool dates down the middle, but only half way so not to cut in half.  Remove the seed and stuff in the sausage.

-Take a slice of the reduced fat turkey bacon and wrap around the date, using a toothpick to secure the bacon in place.

-Sauteed in evoo for about ten to fifteen minutes, until the bacon is a golden brown. To ensure that the sausage is fully cooked I placed it in the oven for ten minutes on 350 degrees, but any longer might dry them out.

This recipe required only two sausages, twenty dates and a packet of bacon.

The flavours were amazing. The juices from the date really infused with the sausage to give a great savoury-sweet taste to it and they are super gooey which gives a great texture. And at 2.5g of fat per piece you can eat as many as you like, but one guest of the party did remind me of something invaluable; “If you wrap anything in bacon it shouldn’t be low fat”.


More Bacon: Recipes, raves and other bacon bits in Endless Bacon.

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16 thoughts on “I Want a Date

  1. Chorizo is quite possibly one of my favorite foods.

    Nothing beats the real thing, but I’m sure this was still delicious.

  2. These do sound amazing. Having just been reacquainted with the delicious mascarpone-stuffed and sea salt-sprinkled dates at Komi, I’m thinking it’s time to start working dates into my cooking at home.

  3. A pig-filled article during the Days of Awe = Blatant pandering to goyim.

  4. Maidelitala – nothing tref about this post! The bacon and the sausage Brit used are both turkey.

    It does raise the question, though: if bacon is the culinary equivalent of a swear-word, what the fudge is turkey bacon?

  5. So noted. However (!) I wonder if imitation bacon should be considered kosher. I mean, isn’t it just a modern way of getting around the age-old prohibitions?
    turkey bacon = gosh-darn; darn it all to heck; fuuuu-dgecicle; arse; biznitch?

  6. I had to look up a christmas story to know what you were talking about. I thought you were talking about charles dickens… I was very confused.

  7. I love dates. I always have some in the cupboard for when I need something sweet to eat.

    Obviously you served these cold?? Are they intentionally made to serve cold or are they better when just cooked and hot out of the oven?

  8. I like just the bacon wrapped around a seedless prune, and then you put it to fry until the bacon is cooked. Now I’m hungry! I love bacon!

  9. Love this. Never thought bacon and date together!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Publisher, kitchencarts360

  10. Never would I ever think of pairing dates and bacon together. So happy for the internet and its abundant source of information! I tried this recipe and it was more than a hit! All my friends loved it.

  11. oooo! these look delicious!! have you tried using spicy sausage to blend sweet+spicy together? i’m gonna have to try that!

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