Right Now Obama is Ignoring a Crystal Clear Issue


Amid the maze of Paultards, PUMAs, and peaceniks protesting outside the Democratic Convention this week, So Good points us towards the one sign-waver who is actually doing something worthwhile: Demanding the return of Crystal Pepsi!

Believe it or not, there’s actually a petition with more than 7,000 signatures demanding that Pepsico ditch the brown stuff and bring back that delicious 90s fad version with its inspiring Van Halen commercials. Yet the candidates have yet to speak on this crystal clear issue. Let’s take a minute, shall we, to remember how great those simple times were.

[youtube Lj1J-AxCqic]

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9 thoughts on “Right Now Obama is Ignoring a Crystal Clear Issue

  1. shudder…. I once picked up a bottle of that junk thinking it was Sprite. Got a mouth full of nasty, I did.

  2. What about crystal gravy making a comeback?!? I hope some of you caught that horrific SNL commercial. I can’t find the video online…

  3. Oh my friend and I were like counting down the days until crystal pepsi came out (we were in forth grade and probably thought the commercial was cool) but I CANNOT remember what it tastes like!

  4. I have a vivid memory of drinking Crystal Pepsi in my dads old truck. I thought I was the ONLY one who liked it.

    Sprite stinks, bring back crystal pepsi!

  5. it tastes a lot like regular pepsi – but with no caramel coloring and a bit too fizzy. maybe it’s better for the pearly whites, but it can be a shocking suprise if you’re expecting something else!

  6. hahah…i love it! i remember they tested crystal pepsi in newark. stores were literally giving it away, so we’d swing by places after school and pick up like two or three bottles. i could never notice a difference but my friends swore it tasted different than regular

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