The Dove Campaign for Weight Gain


So you know the Dove “Campaign For Real Beauty” that gets all that press for showing “real women.” And before I move on, first of all – THESE WOMEN ARE NOT FAT. Good lord. How are people shocked by these women. They look totally normal.

Regardless, I now see the marketing genius behind this campaign. Dove wanted to promote flab so they could sell more of their ice cream.

Hence, the Dove Chocolate & Brownie Affair: Vanilla ice cream with brownie chunks and original Dove chocolate chunks – topped with a Dove chocolate ganache layer.

So, yes. I like it. The ice cream is really creamy and rich (great mouthfeel, as Tim would say.) There are ample amounts of both chocolate and brownie chunks – each adding a different element of softness and bite. And good lord – that ganache layer – who knew! I must have missed that description when unceremoniously snagging it from the 711 freezer. But, wow – this is a great addition, plus it’s fun to crack through this strong layer of hard chocolate and dive into the land of vanilla smoothness.

But, it still doesn’t beat the brilliance of B&J’s Cinnamon Buns ice cream.

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  • JoeHoya January 31, 2008  

    A noble addition to the Campaign for Real Booty.

    Sounds delicious!

  • gansie January 31, 2008  


    also – are there any trademark specialists out there? are the two dove companies the same? (probably should have researched that, huh)

  • JoeHoya January 31, 2008  
  • gansie January 31, 2008  

    well, there goes this post’s conceit.

  • BS January 31, 2008  

    that’s ok – you still sound smart by using the word conceit. nice save.

  • chl January 31, 2008  

    YES! B&J Cinnamon Bun ice cream. Best flavor ever. Better even than Oatmeal Cookie (and that’s saying something).

    (ps. congrats on the express gansie!)

  • Caroline February 1, 2008  

    My girlfriend posed the question about the Dove companies to me the other day. I had some Dove chocolates on the table and she asked me if it was the same company that makes the soap. “Hmm, well, they’re kinda shaped like soap,” I said. Weirdly enough, I once got a bad bag of Dove chocolates that did taste like soap.

  • Bridget July 5, 2008  

    Coming in late, from a Google search, I just wanted to point out that there really truly is a “Campaign for Real Booty”. Just FYI.
    (You can probably guess what the Google search I came in on was.;))

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