Eater of the Year Update


The Eater of the Year award has already logged nearly 300 votes and, as usual, endless simmer has set the Interwebs afire.

So far, ya’ll still have a lamb-boner for Mr. Bourdain, who is semi-running away with this thing. Midseason Replacements offers a thorough analysis of the race, and explains why you all are so enamored with Bourdain.

If anyone can catch Tony, it looks like it’s gonna be the giant slayer himself, Joey Chestnut. New York Magazine wonders how you guys could consider anybody but Chestnut, but over at fEATs, some are claiming he isn’t even the best competitive eater of the year.

Not surprisingly, the most controversy came from our inclusion of Pretty Padma (Ms. Lakshmi if you nasty). Fishbowl LA says she’s more like “Eaten of the Year,” which sounds dirty but I don’t think I quite get it – anyone? But perhaps my favorite comment was back over at MSR, where May says “Padma Lakshmi sounds like something Rachel Ray would serve on a garden herb triscut.”

Al Gore chimed in saying “even though I fear my words cannot match this moment, I pray what I am feeling in my heart will be communicated clearly enough that those who hear me will say, ‘we must act.”

Honestly, I think that sounds a little optimistic for a guy stuck at seven percent, but thanks for the love, A.G.

The Locavores, meanwhile, took to paraphrasing John Lennon, and are just happy to be more popular than Chocolate Jesus.

Voting continues into next week, and anything can happen. For the full explanation of the nominees, check out the original post – and if you haven’t voted, cast away below.

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  • 80 Proof December 14, 2007  

    Wow, Bourdain is like Secretariat, pulling away down the home stretch.

  • Bud Foster December 15, 2007  

    SCAM! This contest is rigged without Don Zinn. Where is the write in slot???? What in the name of Ed “Cookie” Jarvis is going on here. How can this contest continue to leave Don Zinn out? The man eats ham sammiches faster than momma kass. He is the envy of the League of Human Dignity. How can this travesty continue? Free Don Zinn. Liberate him with your vote. I demand satisfaction.

  • 80 Proof December 16, 2007  

    Don Zinn, the Ron Paul of competitive eating?

  • Dustin Pickle December 17, 2007  

    It sure sounds that way. Where is the write-in slot? I’d like to throw my weight behind Don Zinn – he sounds like a fine candidate, and i don’t care for any of these other so-called “eaters”.
    Bud Foster has won me over, with tales of Don’s greasy and gluttonous exploits…

  • Hunter "Convection" Ovens December 17, 2007  

    That’s it. I’m voting for Don Zinn. I was going to vote for Padma on the off chance that Brittania try to eat her but i don’t think I will now. Besides… Padma looks indian to me and I’m still bitter about what happened at little big horn.

    I heard a rumor Don Zinn once fried and ate an old leather shoe just to prove it could be done.

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