Cake Full of Yarn


You may think nothing exciting happens between the two meccas of elite food — Brooklyn, NYC (BS) and Mt. Pleasant, DC (gansie) — but, apparently there’s cake and fame in York, Pennsylvania.

I just got an email from my old housemate, Hickey, about some very exiting happenings. Her boyfriend’s grandmother recently turned ninety and the fam threw her a party to celebrate this major accomplishment. Georgia loves knitting so they decided to combine the great art of the stitch and America’s other favorite hobby, eating. And as everyone who steals watches cable TV knows…there’s only one place to call for the greatest of all great cakes – Charm City Cakes, aka Ace of Cakes.

Okay, so I don’t know that much about the Baltimore based Ace of Cakes TV show, except it takes air time away from the more lavish and “Hamptons” Barefoot Contessa and the more sophisticated and “Napa” Michael Chiarello.

But, I will soon become an avid watcher because, and I quote from a witness: “Last minute they decided to make it the featured cake of an episode and came and filmed the party. Here is the cake..I was amazed. It was a marbled cake – moist and tasty! Supposedly it is will air in February.”

Happy Birthday, Georgia!

Another shot:


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13 thoughts on “Cake Full of Yarn

  1. this picture is sure to start a new conversation ‘thread’. happy birthday!

  2. holy sit – I didn’t even get that that was a cake, I was like, why is there only a photo of yarn – amazing!

  3. so i need way more dirt…did you see any of the bakers from the TV show? who actually got on tape? was everything staged? any pics of the inside of the cake? DETAILS!

  4. Awesome! They made my daughter’s first birthday cake this week. It was so cute and so tasty. What flavor was the yarn cake? Can’t wait to see it on tv!


  6. I watch “Ace of Cakes” religiously, and each episode features three or four of the week’s workload that are showstoppers. This cake was clearly one of the best from the two seasons I’ve been a fan. It must hurt to cut a cake like that!

  7. OMG………
    I thought that was a REAL basket with wool.
    I thought when I read the post on Ravelry it was like a nappy cake lol!
    I was thinking it was very strange to give someone such a messy basket.
    I have seen many beautifully created cakes, but this tops the lot.
    Aren’t enough adjectives to describe it.

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