You Had Me at Duck Bacon


So my new place in Brooklyn is a stone’s throw from Park Slope, the yummy mummy capital of the world, and the epicenter of vegan cupcakes, organic everything, $12 coffees, etc…the obvious first order of business was whether to join the Park Slope Food Co-op. There’s plenty of info around the internets about how awesome and awful this place is, so I’ll just summarize. Pros: Quality yuppie food at prices lower than Whole Paycheck; Cons: Soviet-style work policy.

After sitting through an indoctrination orientation session, I browsed through the store. While I was somewhat taken with the organic asparagus from Argentina and no-peel Kiwi berries, it wasn’t until I hit the meat section that I knew I was joining. Bison steaks, grass-fed filet mignon, salami, salami, salami, and OMG, WTF is duck bacon?

Not that I’m ever looking for an alternative to bacon-bacon, but still, duck fat is so in, and come on, it has bacon in it’s name. Plus, it’s from New Jersey. Clearly, this was my first food co-op impulse buy.

You only have to cook duck bacon for 30 seconds a side, and the package directions seriously yell at you about not overcooking it. For some reason, I decided to freeze mine, as if there was any possibility I would not be using it within two days. Not having a microwave yet, this presented defrosting problems, which is why my cooked db (below) is in hacked-off little pieces instead of lovely bacon-inspired thin strips.


The verdict: damn tasty. Unlike fraudulent perpetrators such as turkey and tofu bacon, this stuff more or less captures the crispy-but-fatty goodness that is bacon, while presenting a unique, rich flavor of its own.

Perplexingly, my Joy of Cooking doesn’t tell me what to do with duck bacon, so I just added it to a quesadilla, with monterrey jack and tomatoes (worked well), and also threw a few pieces in a bowl of from-the-box butternut squash soup (not as successful, kinda got lost in there).


Future ideas: I think it would work well as a flavoring for collard greens or chard, while there could def be some kind of Egg McDuckBacon creation, and of course, I foresee a dBLT in my near future.

More Bacon: Recipes, raves and other bacon bits in Endless Bacon.

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  • JoeHoya November 12, 2007  

    Wow. Not just duck bacon – D’Artagnan duck bacon.

    I just picked up “Think Like a Chef” by Tom Colicchio, and he gives a shout out to D’Artagnan for anyone looking to purchase duck fat without the rest of the duck.

    And, on a somewhat related note, my wife and I stopped by Poste for a light post-theater dinner yesterday. We split a duck reuben that was AMAZING. The duck meat was rich and salty at the same time, and it’s hard to argue with the classic reuben construction. I think a DbLT would definitely hit a lot of those same notes.

    And if I’ve learned anything from Gansie, it’s the need to try the duck bacon with avocado. Maybe in a Cobb salad or on top of a ground bison burger?

  • BS November 12, 2007  

    good call. DbLAT it is.

  • Bob Bruhin August 10, 2010  

    Just for the record, we have made collards with the duck bacon. It was totally amazing! We are officially hooked.

  • gordon February 21, 2012  

    I picked this up at Union Market – really tasty stuff! Had no idea about the 30 second rule – I never read the package, it is bacon after all. I cooked it about as long as reg bacon (until seared a touch on either side) and it was fantastic. I have some leftover from Sunday in my fridge and can’t wait to try it on a sandwich!

  • Mr circle April 26, 2014  

    This is horrible, i love ducks. Duck bacon…. DIE!!!!!

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