Better Than a Tiara of Ginger

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At this point, a purple pepper and a yellow watermelon barely excite me. I get it. Change the color of a food and it’s like new again.

But what about actual new. Last year fresh ginger, with hot pink streaks and the stalks strung together to look like a tiara, totally pleased me. But like a drug addict, I needed more.

And then, there it was. Edamame. It wasn’t all that cute on the stem, brown and hairy. But it was more interesting than dipped in soy, as I boiled it and led it star in a succotash.

I crowned edamame as my favorite summer farmers’ market find. What was your warm weather food discovery before the autumnal equinox takes over later tonight?

Yellow Changes the Day


My mom is a nursery school teacher. She needs to teach exacts. Strawberries are red. A is the first letter of the alphabet. A shining sun equals a warm day. But then she met me and my farmers’ market ways.

All of a sudden cauliflower could be bright yellow. Broccoli could be purple. Grapes could be navy blue. Asparagus could be white. And holy crap, as I just found out at J&G Steakhouse in DC: watermelon could be yellow.

Amanda said that she had enjoyed “yellow dollies,” mini-watermelons with yellow interior, on the shores of South and North Carolina. I’ve never seen such a feat until tonight.

And while I believe in some certainties, like the ABCs, I do believe that teaching about produce is an entirely different, yet terribly fun, always changing  and delicious game.