Better Than a Tiara of Ginger

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At this point, a purple pepper and a yellow watermelon barely excite me. I get it. Change the color of a food and it’s like new again.

But what about actual new. Last year fresh ginger, with hot pink streaks and the stalks strung together to look like a tiara, totally pleased me. But like a drug addict, I needed more.

And then, there it was. Edamame. It wasn’t all that cute on the stem, brown and hairy. But it was more interesting than dipped in soy, as I boiled it and led it star in a succotash.

I crowned edamame as my favorite summer farmers’ market find. What was your warm weather food discovery before the autumnal equinox takes over later tonight?

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  • BS September 23, 2010  

    Woah! That edamame looks crazy – I had no idea that’s what it would look like outside of a sushi restaurant.

    Honestly, I’m still impressed by the different colored fruits, and someone in San Francisco told me yesterday that green strawberries are really hot right now. WTF is a green strawberry!

  • erica September 23, 2010  

    my garden harbors a mutant i have yet to try… it’s on a butternut squash vine yet appears to be a large round zucchini. seeing as how it may also be part acorn squash, i have dubbed it the “buttcornini”.

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