Ask Todd, Answer Gansie: Who Is a Foodie?


What used to be a semi-regular feature, where I would pretend to know as much about dining as the Washington Post restaurant critic, has trailed off. Tom Sietsema‘s food chats became either bigĀ  bitch fests (yes, children eat at restaurants, shut up about it already) or intricate critiques of not so exciting DC dining establishments, so I haven’t kept up in relating the interesting questions back to you.

The Washingtonian retains its own restaurant critic and hosts its own food chat. I don’t read Todd Kliman‘s chats, save for the snipet I get emailed to me every week. I’m usually entertained, but never was I so intrigued until I read this question.

Washington, DC: Can a vegetarian/vegan be a “foodie”?

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ES Takes Over the Web, Episode 16,249

[photo redacted]

: i HATE the picture
it’s great!
gansie: UGH
BS: really?
you look hot
gansie: my eyes are squinty
but whatever
it’s fine.
it could be worse.
That’s just a taste of the many, many, many anxious gchat messages exchanged this week in anticipation of gansie’s Washingtonian magazine photo shoot (!!) Don’t miss the accompanying article, in which our DC bureau chief dishes out some advice about recipes, farmers markets, cookbooks and more. OK fine, she mostly talks about eggs. Obviously.

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