ES Takes Over the Web, Episode 16,249

[photo redacted]

: i HATE the picture
it’s great!
gansie: UGH
BS: really?
you look hot
gansie: my eyes are squinty
but whatever
it’s fine.
it could be worse.
That’s just a taste of the many, many, many anxious gchat messages exchanged this week in anticipation of gansie’s Washingtonian magazine photo shoot (!!) Don’t miss the accompanying article, in which our DC bureau chief dishes out some advice about recipes, farmers markets, cookbooks and more. OK fine, she mostly talks about eggs. Obviously.

The Blogger Beat: Endless Simmer [Washingtonian]

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17 thoughts on “ES Takes Over the Web, Episode 16,249

  1. That looks like our Bestway! Woohoo Bestway!! I hoep you got the peeled garlic cloves.

    Oh and btw, it’s a lovely photo. :)

  2. photo shoot? As in there are multiple photos?
    I like the picture. Think you look tres sophisticate – BUT I think you’d look more like the legit blogger you are with your cool-chicky glasses on! Do you really eat loaves of that white bread from Bestway? I can’t stand the stuff.

  3. Now you’re (even more) famous. Great interview & photo– congratulations! I’m secretly pleased the Flavor Bible is important.

  4. what happened to the belt you were showing off on Saturday during your mini-fashion show?!

  5. Great interview. Congrats ES & Gansie! I think the photo looks great – you just usually look more intense as your hunting the bestway aisles for your next recipe.

  6. I’m glad to see the first photo shoot for the Pin-up Calendar went so well!

  7. as proud mom and dad gansie we only sent it to about 100 people from our e mail groups. as we told all their responses, we’re proud of all three our gansie kids, stef you look beautiful; it’s a great interview,
    keep it up

    your friday’s dish looked delis too

    as i commented on the washingtonian, gansie never ceases to amaze us with all her cooking adventures; however the creation or disaster turn out her explitives always keeps us going and can’t wait for more
    again, we all do unconditionally love our gansie

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