To Punch Top or to Shotgun? That is the Question

Step 1: Cut a hole in the box. Or the can…which is apparently Miller’s genius idea of improving their beer and bringing it to the next level. Which ML and I decided to test out at one of her summer extravaganzas. The [presumed] thinking in the logic behind a “punch top” can is to increase the flow. The tagline: “smoother pour with less glug.” That’s great, but how does it match up to the “smooth pour” of shotgunning a beer?

Well, as consumer reporters, we’re here to tell you.

*A baseline was taken before the comparison to ensure integrity of the following study. Procedures including a large amount of beer to the point of buzzed and/or drunkenness. The drinking consisted of only using the typical can of beer.

First test: the punch top

ML: It poured out so quickly and uncontrollably that I got beer all over myself and started choking. Fail.

Snebbu: I’m going to be honest here…ML’s uncontrollable spillage and choking could be more attributed to her drunkenness than the punch top. However, I will say the punch top gave a bit more of a smooth pour than a typical can of piss. I mean…Light Beer.

Second test: the shotgun

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