Top 10 Reasons to Drink Craft Beer

In college, a 30-case of Natty Light cost about 20 bucks. So that’s what we got. Luckily, the local brew pub opened my mind to microbrewing and craft brewing. From then on, it was a match made in heaven. Yes, I know, craft is more expensive, but have you ever thought that you’re paying for a better product? Have you ever thought that that maybe you don’t have to chug and chug endless cans of beer if you would just get a case of some quality beer? Maybe the case would even last longer…well, probably not—but only because it’s that good! Still not convinced? Here are ten reasons to DRINK CRAFT BEER.

10. Easy to Pair with Food

Wine and cheese is for snobs. Why limit yourself to pairing either “red or white” with various meals when you can choose from at least ten times the variety of craft beers? For instance, the herbacious Saison Du Buff went great with cheesy beer bread and veggies. Or, crack open a hoppy pale ale to have with some pasta. The options are endless, and unlike wines, there are no “dos” and “donts” with beer. If you like how a porter tastes with a nice big steak, then have it—experiment! …or you can just down a Coors Light with your burger, pretending that you are drinking something that tastes good.

9. Beer Expos vs. Wine Tastings? Beer Expos Win

Ever been to one? You should. Typically, beer expos cost between $20 and $40 for 2-4 hours of all-you-can drink beer. And while doing so, enjoying some music and camaraderie with your friends.  You’ll probably be surprised to find how many different varieties of beers you enjoy. Or you can go swirl and sniff some wine at a wine tasting…go ahead and lift that pinkie. (Photo Tri State Beer Blog)

8. Conversation Piece

Craft cans have become quite the hot topic lately. But craft brews have always created intriguing names and packaging. With it comes great taste. But if you host a party and have a couple of craft varieties at the party, you’ll be sure to have a conversation starter while also spreading the word on craft beer. Its even helped me get my girlfriend’s dad into some craft beer. (Pic: Stone Brewing Co.)

7. Better Ingredients

Four ingredients of beer: grains, hops, water, yeast. Simple, right? Not quite if you crack open a bottle of craft beer. Odds are that the ingredients are going to be of better quality, chosen carefully by the brewmaster, and used fresh. Craft breweries tend to brew by season, considering the seasonal ingredients as well. Meanwhile, your Bud Light is brewed the cheapest way possible. Your choice: yellow tangy water, or a crisp, refreshing and satisfying brew. (Photo: Dutch Bill Beer)

6. Seasonal Beers

We all make a big deal about CSA season. Craft beer is always in season. In fact, your local brewery most likely makes their beer IN SEASON. Seasons changed? Go check out your local brewery and see what they’ve cooked up for you. I guarantee you the experience and atmosphere of the brewery will beat out any Miller Light. (Pic: Beer Activist)

5. Low ABV, High ABV…They’ve Got it All

A session beer will allow you to drink quite a bit of a brew “in one session.” Key point here – you’re drinking to ENJOY the brew! Hence the reason why you may want to have a few beers while enjoying them rather than drinking half a case of crap to get tipsy. OR you can drink a beer you enjoy that has a high ABV and get tipsy quickly. It’s your choice. See a pattern here? CHOICE. (Pic: Beer Me)


4. Choice Matters

Speaking of choice…how about 40 taps to choose from? The Boilermaker in Philadelphia, PA is just one example of how much choice you have in craft beer. Even ballparks are offering more choice of beer, and I’m not talking about Coors vs. Bud. Whether you’re in the mood for a dark, chocolate stout, or a light, fresh ale…craft beer has it. (Photo: Philly Beer Scene)


3. Honesty

Honesty is my policy.” Unless you’re big beer. Time and time again, the big beer companies find ways to sidestep the fact that their beer tastes like crap. Often times, it’s misogynistic ads that portray women as dumb, dull, cranky, or ditzy. Other times they push the message that beer makes you cool and gets you the girl (marketing particularly to underage teens). Finally, have you ever noticed that beer ads NEVER talk about taste? Take the Coors ad: advertising the temperature of the beer. Do you know anybody that picks their favorite brew because mountains turn blue, or the can is vented, or there are corkscrews in the bottle? Because they still taste the same: like crap. (Pic: Coors Light)

2. Creativity

My friends and I just had the Space Monkey the other night from Fegley’s Brew Works and I knew this was the perfect example. Craft brewing involves a lot of experimentation and blending of flavors. Oftentimes, the experiments pay off for our drinking pleasure. Craft breweries even go so far as collaborating with other breweries and sometimes homebrewers. Even Sam Adams has a homebrew contest. (Pic: Fegley’s Brew Works)

1. It Tastes Better!!

And of course: taste. Anybody who tells you craft beer doesn’t taste better is either a liar or has no taste buds. I mean really, with all of the choices available, anybody can find a brew that they like. There are sweet beers, bitter beers, light beers, dark beers, the list goes on forever. Craft beers are becoming more and more popular for a reason…because they taste great. The big beers give beer a bad name. Why? Because nobody truly enjoys cracking open a Coors. DRINK CRAFT BEER! (Photo: Drink Craft Beer)

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  • mandie June 15, 2012  

    RE: #7… Just because a beer has a bunch of fancy ingredients doesn’t mean it’s good, and just because a beer only has three, simple ingredients doesn’t mean it’s bad (

  • Johnny June 15, 2012  

    RE: #10 & 9 … Just because beer seems less “snobby” than wine doesn’t mean it’s better than macro beer. It would seem to argue the opposite, actually. Don’t undermine your point with a scapegoat.

  • ML June 15, 2012  

    #11 lots of men who drink beer have beards

    @johnny what? Beer isn’t better than macro beer? You’d argue the opposite? That’s what this post is about.

  • snebbu June 15, 2012  

    Look, if you want to drink Coors Light with your pinkie up, that’s your prerogative. I’d just rather grab a pint of craft.

  • Kimberly June 16, 2012  

    I agree! Craft beers are so much better than the swill that comes from Bud or Coors. We are so lucky to have so many great craft breweries here in Texas with new ones starting up all the time. Spoetzl and St Arnolds have been around forever but some other favorites are Rahr & Sons in Fort Worth, (512) and Live Oak in Austin, Real Ale and Perdenales in the Hill Country. We can’t match the West Coast yet, but we’re off to a great start!

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