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staub coqvin vs. le creuset braiser

Most of the chatter this week was concentrated in forkitude‘s Ode to Staub:

This thing was a culinary tool workhorse. A Clydesdale of cookware. The creme de la creme of enameled cast iron.

However, not everyone is on team Staub.

Brit showed off his Le Creuset collection:

I’m the proud owner of a Le Creuset grill pan and press, 7.25qt dutch oven, 2.25qt saucier and a 3.5qt casserole all in black with stainless steal knobs and I couldn’t be happier (I didn’t need to list them all but I thought I’d make you weep).

BS’s Mom showed off Le Creuset’s longevity:

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Battle Of The Brands: Staub vs. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron


Kitchen stores make me giddy. I was lucky enough this Christmas to be the recipient of a Sur La Table gift card from some special people. Like a kid in a candy store a chef in a kitchen store, I was excited to find one new ridiculous cooking tool.

With utter certitude that I had found the best deal in the tri-state area, and self-assurance that I had all the chef’s knives a girl could want, I settled on a Staub cocotte enameled cast iron pot that required a supportive hand underneath the paper shopping bag to prevent it from ripping. The sheer weight of the thing is impressive.

What a beaut it is, and I couldn’t wait to use it. Having studied in the Alsace region of France, known for their hearty, one-pot meals like baeckeoffe, I had an instant emotional connection to this pot, which was a product of Alsace. Having been a Le Creuset owner and a huge fan of soup and meals made in pots, I knew the benefits of enameled cast iron. Is there anyone who doesn’t love a little cast iron?

But the real question is: Would this beautiful red gem hold up to my faithful Le Creuset?

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