Friday Fuck Up: A Whole Lot of Fucking Up


A little bit ago I led 80P into a terrible failure of a dinner. I felt awful. It wasn’t until he sucked down almost all of the ill-tasting noodles that I realized we could at least turn this barely edible dinner into a blog post. I actually coached 80 along, offering advice on a few of the steps. In this gChat interview, however, I straddle the line between innocent interviewer and guilty girlfriend.

gansie: so, 80, tell me about that time you fucked up pasta sauce

80P: I was hoping to make an edible cream sauce for pasta

gansie: mmm…cream sauce

80P: but apparently I didn’t use enough fat

gansie: what’d you start with

80P: Well, I started with whole milk, which I thought would thicken if I simmered it for a while

gansie: whole milk – why the hell did you have whole milk in the fridge. gross.

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