It’s Ice Cream Season Somewhere


It’s time for a long overdue report from my trip this fall to Puerto Rico. The beaches were great, the music was captivating, people were friendly, but I’m sure you know I was mostly just there for the food.

It’s well known that these people can do amazing things with plantains, but I was more impressed and surprised by their many creative uses of corn. Nearly every crowded street corner and popular beach has a vendor selling sorullitos—tiny, tasty little fried cornmeal sticks, sometimes plain, sometimes filled with cheese, always to be dipped in that Puerto Rican delicacy Ariel mentioned yesterday: MayoKetchup. Then of course there are also the omnipresent arepas, corn cakes stuffed with meat or cheese, available both in fancy restaurants and at many street vendors for a dollar or two.

But I was most taken with what you see above: corn ice cream. Seriously! Rex Cream, a little ice cream parlor in the western town of Mayaguez, makes this crazy concoction, which is sweet, with just a little crunch of cornmeal in it, and liberally topped with cinammon.

Feed Us Back: What’s the craziest ice cream you’ve ever eaten?