Coachella, More Like Co-cheese-lla!

Everyone knows you go to state fairs for the food, and you go to music festivals for the music. These days, though, it seems that music festivals are jumping on the culinary bandwagon as well. I just returned from Weekend 1 of Coachella, and while I primarily attended for the jams, of course there was something else on my mind. A blog aptly entitled Food is the New Rock released a Coachella line-up poster with food trucks and menu items instead of musicians. FOOD! It is everywhere and everything. Would I do my best to abstain so I could perfect my desert hipster waif look at the festival? Or would I go for it and commit to total gluttony?

Obviously I opted for the latter! The most inappropriate thing I ate was this triple-grilled cheese sandwich from Mangler’s Meltdown, an LA-based food truck I have never before heard of and mysteriously has no website I can find. This freak of sandwich nature was a thick, buttery grilled cheese filled with more cheese, which enclosed the greatest gift of all: three perfectly-fried mozzarella sticks. Upon biting into this glory, one of my drunken festival friends exclaimed indignantly, “I mean it’s already a grilled cheese, WHY did they need to put MORE cheese inside?!” …uh, why not, am I right?

Besides this treasure chest of dairy, what else did I consume?

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