Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week


The Man Who Eats with Wolves has really stirred up ESers’ appetites. Don:

Yummmmm! I suddenly have the urge to hunt down the cat that digs and pees in my garden and eat its innards. I imagine that if this guy learned anything from his experience it was how to “wolf” his food down.

Sounds like someone’s trying to start a pun-off! If you haven’t caught the wolfman podcast yet, take a listen.

– Thanks to everyone for reporting back on all your foodie holiday presentsBen digs deep for a pepper mill analysis:

As lovely as that pepper mill is (and it is quite lovely), any mill that cannot be operated one handed is inferior. Now, granted, the one-handed mechanisms aren’t always as even, reliable, or voluminous as the unicorn appears to be. The advantage of being able to pepper something I’m stirring/holding/moving with the other hand FAR outweighs any other consideration.

– And reaching back to our list of the most outrageous holiday presents, erica eloquently defends the purchase of a seltzer maker:

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