NatureBox Snack Delivery Service

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: NatureBox Snacks

NatureBox Snack Delivery Service

I’m usually pretty skeptical of monthly Internet deals and delivery services. “Pay $____ and we’ll send a monthly delivery of snacks/makeup/shoes/jewelry/whatever to you” websites usually turn out to be a disappointment, in my experience. But! I might have finally found a monthly food delivery service I like! (And I’m not talking about a dieting program like Nutrisystem or something.)

The good folks at NatureBox sent me a box of goodies to try out, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the quality. The whole point of NatureBox is to provide tempting snacks that are actually healthy for you—every snack item is nutritionist approved, made with natural ingredients, and minimally, if at all, processed. You can pay NatureBox $19.95 (a flat rate including shipping) per month and they’ll send you a big “Discovery Box” containing five full-size bags of snacks. If you don’t like the food, you can return it for a full refund, but I don’t imagine that happens very often.

My box contained Big Island Pineapple, Country Ranch Sunflower Kernels, Whole Wheat Blueberry Figgy Bars, Lemon Tea Biscuits, and Garden Tomato Almonds. My standout favorite was the almonds, which tasted just like sundried tomatoes with a slight hint of sweetness, followed by the dried pineapple, which had a perfect texture.

NatureBox Almonds NatureBox Pineapple

I’m not a huge fan of fig bars (not a fault of NatureBox, I just don’t like Fig Newtons or anything that resembles them) but here’s the thing: I really appreciate the variety. I think NatureBox would be a great solution for a couple or family who is really trying to eat healthier but doesn’t live very close to a Whole Foods or farmers market or anything. Or maybe a busy single mom who doesn’t have enough time to hit up the store every time she needs a handheld snack for her kids could have NatureBox in the car for a bite on the go. In that case, if you’re supplying healthy snack food for multiple people in a family, you’d want to have options.

Another thing I really appreciate about NatureBox is their cute blog, which has healthy recipes (often using ingredients found in a NatureBox snack pack), clever food hacks (for example, how to hull strawberries with a straw), and useful produce guides. It’s clear that the people behind this service really care about healthy food and getting others excited about its benefits.

If you’re curious about NatureBox, you can get 25% off your first month by entering the code NATURE on their checkout page. (This isn’t an Endless Simmer exclusive, I found the deal on their aforementioned cute blog!)

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  • Miss K September 17, 2013  

    My sister just got my son (and me – heh) a 6 month subscription for his birthday. After reading your review, I’m even more excited.

  • Emily September 17, 2013  

    Niiiiiice! Let me know how you guys like it!

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