7 Cookbooks to Look Forward to: March 2013


Deborah Madison: Vegetable Literacy (3/16/2013)

Vegetarians, vegetable lovers, and anyone with a stomach: rejoice. Deborah Madison is back with a gorgeous ode to the vegetable. #1 on my must-buy cookbook list.


Pike Place Fish Guys: Pike Place Fish Guys (3/7/2013)

If these guys cook half as well as they throw shit around without dropping it, I’m in! Seriously, those fish are the size of toddlers.


Todd Gray & Ellen Kassoff Gray: The New Jewish Table (3/5/2013)

The Grays take on the awesome task of transforming traditional Jewish dishes into modern recipes utilizing fresh and seasonal food.


Fiona Bird: The Forager’s Kitchen (3/14/2013)

Who doesn’t like free food? Foraging is becoming more and more popular, and this book shows you exactly what to do with that handful of wild blackberries, bouquet  of dandelions, or hunk of bug-ridden mushroom you found on your morning walk.


Susan Heeger & Susie Norris: Hand-Crafted Candy Bars (3/19/2013)

Ummm, yes please! I can’t wait to try my hand at homemade candy bars. It’ll be worth having to wear elastic-waist pants to accommodate the 3rd love handle I’ll be sprouting from all that delicious chocolate.


Chefs Collaborative & Ellen Jackson: The Chefs Collaborative Cookbook (3/12/2013)

‘Local’ and ‘sustainable’ are two hot words in the food world today. In this book, some of the chefs most dedicated to local and sustainable have put together recipes that showcase the best of that movement.


MaryJo Koch: The Artist the Cook and the Gardener (3/12/2013)

Sometimes the aesthetic appeal of a cookbook is so great, it borders on a coffee table book. This book does just that, combining gorgeous illustration and delicious recipes.

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