Cocktail O’Clock: Cider Beer

Beer cocktails have been showing up everywhere lately, but here’s one we haven’t seen before: beer and cider.

And why not? Cider doesn’t have to be only for autumn. Mix it up with a light wheat beer and you have a serious summertime drink. At the B&O American Brasserie bar in Baltimore, bartender Brendan Dorr serves a Flying Dog witte beer with cider, plus falernum for a little sweetness.

Boxcar Beer #2

1 oz. Velvet Falernum
6 oz. Flying Dog Witte Beer
6 oz. Crispen Cider

Pour falernum in a pilsner glass.  Fill with equal parts witte beer and cider.

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One thought on “Cocktail O’Clock: Cider Beer

  1. I like this kind of simple and refreching drinks! Another option to give the sweet taste is to replace the Falernum with Maple Syrup (ok, I guess the fact that I am from Quebec, Canada has something to do with it!). It’s really good and it gives a Quebec flavor! (I know it is not easy to find great Maple Syrup : I get mine (Organic) with rouge maple – only available online).

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