• erica November 9, 2011  

    this is the reason i only had one date with mr. “that waitress has NO personality” and “if she had any brains she would notice we were on a first date and light the candle without me having to ask” (both said within earshot of said perfectly FINE waitress).

  • gansie November 9, 2011  

    @erica – TOTALLY!

    so even though this is a terrible, terrible show. this clip isn’t totally terrible.

    although, why the hell did that girl walk away and not make up for her cheap-tipping date?

  • Russell Warnick November 9, 2011  

    @gansie i totally disagree, 2 Broke Girls is awesome, it should be used as an educational tool in high school on how to be a respectable diner.

  • gansie November 9, 2011  

    @brit – no. stop. you like that show? i need 3 reasons.

  • BS November 9, 2011  

    the main girl is actually pretty funny. But it bothers me that every other character on the show is a 20-years-out-of-date stereotype. Plus your earlier point about the cupakes is dead-on.

  • gansie November 9, 2011  

    Kat Dennings is great for sure. but she needs out of that show immediately.

  • Russell Warnick November 9, 2011  

    1. there’s a freakin’ horse in the backyard, I’m sure they’re going to sell that to a butcher at some point, bring in big $$ for the cupcake business.
    2. Kat Dennings
    3. it’s stupid funny, we’ve not seen stupid funny in years. who doesn’t love canned laughter?

    … And I have a crush on Nick Zano.

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