Celebs Eat Just Like Us: Mindy Kaling’s Chicken Banh Mi Fixings

Funny girl Mindy Kaling is just like us. She loves eggplant parm sandwiches. She just doesn’t want to spend hours trickin’ out that greasy, cheesy Italian-American staple.

Instead, she quickly tops store-bought rotisserie chicken with a few fresh ingredients for a Banh Mi. While nothing Mindy adds to the sandwich is particularly intriguing—cucumbers, cilantro, Sriracha—her “pickled” carrots deserve a mention.

Sliced “picked” carrots (I quickly julienne two carrots and put them in a tupperware with rice vinegar and a half-teaspoon of sugar and a dash of salt).

Who wants to deal with real pickling? Real canning? Ugh. Do like Mindy. Quickly pickle.

(Photo: The Concerns of Mindy Kaling)

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  • erica October 28, 2011  

    ok, gansie? real pickling is the easiest thing ever. EVER. and once you make your own pickles? you’ll never want store-bought ones again. they are the weird. the gross, i would venture to add.

    also, i gotta say, i hear you guys moan n groan about locavores being stuck with squashes and roots the whole winter, but if you canned some of that summer shit, you’d be eating locavore IN THE WINTER. BOOM. canning is the way you do that.

    just stickin’ up for canning, and fridge pickles alike, which are so NOT hard, for real. i’ll bet the first couples times you pull the jars out of the water and hear those satisfying “ping!”s you’ll be hooked.

  • gansie October 28, 2011  

    my brother and dad often make pickles, so yes, i know its easy. and you’re right. i should be putting up my summer food. thank you for the gentle nudge.

  • erica October 28, 2011  

    oops, i didn’t mean to water bath fridge pickles. that would be weird.

    ps – <3 ya!

  • Emily October 28, 2011  

    (a) I love my girl Mindy Kaling! Can’t wait to read the new book.
    (b) I totally do that same pickling trick when I’m making banh mi and the like at home. It works!

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