Eating A Roll With a Hole and Other Bagel Intelligence

I never really thought about living in another country before. Sure, my summer in Barcelona many years ago was predictably magical. But could I really live there?

No, because it’s a country without bagels. And if I were to base my residency on bagel possibilities, I would strongly consider Canada (and Denmark).

Montreal bagels own some serious street cred (although our writer hated Montreal bagels), with even an appearance on Anthony Bourdain‘s anti-trend travel show No Reservations. But no obsession can really be complete without a dedicated Tumblr. And we’ve found it on Bagel Diaries.

You will find all of your Montreal bagel needs here (and links to ground-breaking bagel articles).

Bagel Porn:

Bagel Jewelry:

Bagel Questions Answered:

fancycherries asked: THIS BLOG IS GENIUS!

Question: I eat my bagels with honey, how do we feel about that Bagel Master?

The bagel master strongly approves of bagels with honey (and loves being referred to as the bagel master). Though I suggest trying it with cream cheese and honey! Or better yet, honey vanilla cream cheese, my favorite!

Psychedelic Bagels:

And of course, no Tumblr would be complete without Bagel GIFs:

And if this Tumblr moved you to travel to Montreal, you can even join their Meet Ups at Mount Royal Bagel.

(Photo: Feast Your Eyes via Bagel Diaries)

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  • BS August 12, 2011  

    hahaha. bagels + OC + GIF = great start to my morning.

  • Dad gansie August 12, 2011  

    Wow. Maybe the dinosaur’s wouldn’t be extinct if they had bagels back then
    Neat stuff
    Bagel master, I’ll Have To try hoeny and cream cheese too

  • Dad gansie August 12, 2011  

    Ps neat ring tooooo

  • erica August 12, 2011  

    dinosaurs are really bad at making bagels; that’s why they’re extinct.

  • Alexandra - kärlek på tallrik August 12, 2011  

    That’s why I need to move! There are NO decent bagels in Sweden. Anywhere. How’s that even possible – we’re next to Denmark! According to you, there are acceptable bagels there – why can’t they share? =(

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