Ink Worthy Eats: Top 10 Food Tattoos, Part 2

5. Bonus points for creating an enduring legacy to a swear word.

(Photo: Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!)

4. The Clash!

(Photo: Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!)

3. Wish there was a bit more fat marbled in there.

(Photo: Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!)

2. Sriracha til I die.

(Photo: Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!)

1. Wearing your heart on your sleeve.

(Photo: Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!)

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  • BS July 20, 2011  

    I’m not the biggest tattoo fan, but the avocado one and the Clash tattoo are fantastic.

  • gansie July 21, 2011  

    adore the avocado tat!

  • Roger Griffiths July 29, 2011  

    Now your talking tatts. If I were get one these would be candidates


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