Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

– Everyone seems to like this week’s food chart meme, although not my name has a problem with the guide to eggs:

Really great collection. I liked it except for the bit on the cage-free/organic egg thing. Organic farms don’t necessarily treat their hens any better, and the certification “cage-free” is really misleading. The hens can still be in awful conditions (cramped, gravel yard with no grass, beaks clipped when chicks, males killed at birth, etc.) Just thought you’d like to know.

– Aussie EMD offers some updates to the Top 10 Foods Only Australia Invented:

Whilst the first nine are eaten regularly here, a meat-pie floater is an uncommon occurance, generally the result of heavy drinking and the encouragement of friends who secretly hate you. I have eaten it once. It was more unpleasant than you can imagine.

Finally, some advice. Vegemite helps create perhaps the most flavoursome chicken skin you can get. Whisk some up and smear it all over that bird, then bake her up and you’ll be thanking me for years.

Also, import yourselves some Tasty Toobs, made by Smiths/PepsiCo. Never has having the roof of your mouth destroyed been so tasty!

Thanks for the tips! ES clearly needs to take a shopping trip to Australia pronto.

– And Sweet Fiend is down for some Philly cheesesteak breakfast casserole (obviously):

Cheesesteak, casserole, breakfast-in one? Where do you live? I will clean your house for a platefull!

(Photo: Tasty Toobs)

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  • Lawrie April 16, 2012  

    You forgot the Lamington. Stale sponge cake coated with melted chocolate then rolled in coconut.

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