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– Britannia recently mapped out the different kinds of bacon for us, but reader Harleytexas cries foul:

Canadian bacon is an American invention that no one in Canada buys because we have peameal/back bacon which is way better.

True? The commenter’s name doesn’t lend an awful lot of cred regarding Canadian issues, but I’d sure like to hear more about this back bacon. Looks tasty.

– Most of you agree with gansie’s protestations that there is no such thing as a giant cupcake, although erica offers a potential line of defense:

I’m no expert but I’ve heard cupcake snobbists saying things like “a cupcake has a finer crumb,” though I’m inclined to agree that a giant cupcake is just cake.

– And everyone agrees that cream cheese saves the day, but Michaela picks a fight:

I think the real question is, whipped or regular? I can’t stand the regular stuff, but I’d take whipped cream cheese any day.

Blashpemy, I say. Others?

(Photo: snowpeas&bokchoi)

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  • harleytexas December 5, 2010  

    Since I now live in Texas and am from Ontario and lived there for the first 37 years of my life, I believe that I know that the crap they call Canadian bacon is mostly just a ham product and nowhere near the deliciousness of peameal/back bacon…..but thanks for using my reply about the horrid product “Canadain bacon”. lol

  • harleytexas December 5, 2010  

    Here is a link that is pretty good for it’s description


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