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– Most of you ESers are pretty firmly against genetically engineered salmon, so I thought I’d give the floor to Nancy@acommunaltable, the “lone voice of dissension.”

I have no problem with GM salmon or GM crops in general. Virtually EVERY food we consume today has been genetically modified. For thousands of years man has cross bred crops and lifestock to improve yield, flavor and/or pest resistance – that is genetic modification!!! The primary difference between what we have done for thousands of years and what we are doing today is that today we can be significantly more precise about what traits are expressed by modification and which ones are not. Are there risks? Of course – but can anyone name even one human endeavor that doesn’t present risk? This concept of “zero tolerance” to risk is at best short sighted and at worst disastrous for the human race.

What do you think? All set to dine on the franken-fish?

– And thanks for all the bonus pumpkin recipes! We’ve added some of our favorites to the ever expanding pumpkin chart. You can also check out The Huffington Post food page, where we’ve asked readers to vote on the very best from our top 10 favorite pumpkin recipes and theryan has upped the ante:

I can make a pumpkin roll that makes Jesus cry. Fact.

We’ll take one, please.

(Photo: Very Small Anna)

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  • dad gansie October 24, 2010  

    I guess its inevitable that GM will continue;
    Just pick and choose to your liking and continue to voice your dislikes

    Can’t wait to try some new pump recipes the muffins look delis

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