Top 10 Food and Drink Words You’ve Never Heard

    5. Bouffage (n)- an enjoyable or satisfying meal.

Mom’s meatloaf is a classic bouffage.

    4. Gramaungere (n)- a superb or great meal.

Bacon wrapped figs.

    3. Compotation (n)- an episode of drinking or carousing together.

In other words, every weekend of my life.

    2. Perpotation (n)- an instance of drunkenness.

Again. Every weekend.

    1. Jentacular (adj)- of or pertaining to breakfast.

The bacon in my fridge looks rather jentacular today.

Have any to add?

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(Photo: Markus Rodder)

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Food and Drink Words You’ve Never Heard

  1. jentactular is without a doubt my new favorite word. I plan to use it every morning.

  2. My family has said moreish for year! As in, “Wow, this Mac’n’Cheese is delicious! Definitely tastes moreish!”

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