Top Chef Exit Interview: Episode 8

Top Chef

It only took 8 episodes for the producers of Top Chef to show some true love to DC. Not only did they focus on our fascination with Ethiopian food, they also sent a hefty $10K donation over to DC Central Kitchen, in the name of José Andrés. I tip my hat to you, Bravo.

Keep reading for what this week’s loser has to say.


ES: What was your strategy when you came onto the show? Did you even have one?
Stephen Hopcraft: My strategy on the show was to be myself, that was the first thing.  I wanted to really portray who I was and to treat the people I came into contact with with respect. Cook from the heart, really put out food that I loved and what I thought people would love.

You appeared to be this season’s comedian, is that something you were trying to achieve?
My personality is not conceived. I am who I am. The more I get pushed into a corner or the more nervous I get my personality and humor come out even more. That being said do I think people would like that; I think I’m a cool guy.

We saw Angelo put the plastic wrap over the toilet, were there many pranks played at the house or was that an anomaly?
I don’t know what anomaly means — but first of all, yeah I was really hammered so I didn’t want to pee on the toilet seat so I sat down and my nuts hit the plastic wrap. Angelo is hilarious, we went back and forth on a bunch of different things, basically lightening up the scene.

When you pulled Brazil do you think it put you at a disadvantage? If you drew the 1st knife what country would you have chosen and what would you have made?
I don’t think the country Brazil put anyone at a certain advantage or disadvantage, but I do think my absence of knowledge on the cuisine of Brazil put me at a huge disadvantage.  If I had drawn the 1st knife I would have chosen Spain and would have done some type of crudo, some type of raw fish maybe with some of the flavors of Spain- definitely toward a cold dish.

There was some doubt of your rice and how you were going to make it hot, even Kenny mentioned it. Did you think about that?
Kenny, the awesome chef and sportsman, confronted me on that. He was like “Bro, how are you gonna plan on heating that up tomorrow?” I could tell by his quizzing that he though it was a bad idea… I appreciated that very much. I think a big part of being a chef is to check your ego. You go out and buy your knives and then you learn how to cook. I know my ego was like, ah fuck — I can heat this rice up, don’t you worry, Steve-o.

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  • BS August 6, 2010  

    I’m not super sad to see this guy go. He never really seemed to get on track. But I can just say that Jose Andres is the best guest judge ever? He cracked me up, wasn’t afraid to tell people when the effed up, but you could tell he wasn’t being petty. I say he replaces Eric Ripert as the semi-regular fourth judge.

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