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shower cap

– Rubygirl has an even better idea than stretch-to-fit food covers:

hope this doesn’t qualify me for the TV show the Hoarders. You know those crazy shower caps in hotels, they make good food covers!!

Wow. I do my fair share of hotel room hoarding, but never thought of that one. Will have to try it!

– Nee Nee helps us clear up the green garlic vs. garlic scapes debate:

Unless I am talking about something different than Bodocious Girl, spring or green garlic is the garlic plant growth after the planted clove emerges from the soil. Imagine a garlic plant roughly as tall as a scallion. The clove has not formed a garlic bulb, nor is the plant mature enough to send up a scape. Thus, it is called spring, green, or baby garlic. It’s really just the clove that was planted with the green plant on top of the white part, like in the photo above.

The scape emerges from the top of the plant months later when the plants are 18-24 inches tall. The single clove that was planted is forming the bulb with multiple cloves underground. Once the scape is harvested, the plant leaves start to turn brown from the bottom of the plant up as the bulb matures in the soil. It about as far from green at that point as you can get.

Thanks for the knowledge, Nee Nee.

– Finally, Ray has the official American response to our boy Brit’s idolization of the Chip Butty:

The Chip Butty looks very good, BUT! It needs something. Something to purk it up some. Something to add to the great taste of the fries and ketchup. What could it be? I ask. Well the only thing that I can think of is. Is.


Hamburger patty. YES that’s it a hamburger patty

Can’t argue with that!

(Photo: mynameisharsha)

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