100 Ways to Not Cook an Egg?


Thanks to a little help from readers, we’ve been continuously updating our list of 100 120 ways to cook an egg. Now here’s another one to crack open and throw on the pile: bucatini carbonara. If you’ve ever thought cooking up a pot of pasta and cracking an egg on top was too difficult and not weird enough, then this dish is for you — can you say crack a raw egg on top?

Read the full bucatini carbonara recipe over at Good Bite, and remember to feed us back at us in the comments if you have any more tasty egg-based dishes that should be added to the master egg list.

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  • erica May 12, 2010  

    i didn’t notice any cups in the pics… doesn’t egg nog count? it’s a meal in a beverage, no? egg, milk, sugar, nutmeg, blender. i used to have egg nog for a snack as a kid. raw eggs, yes.

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