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– Thanks to everyone who has added to our list of 100 Things to Do with a Banana — keep those banana links coming — think we can get to 1,000?

PS – Now that we’ve got bacon, eggs and bananas, what other 100 Ways would you like to see on ES?

– Not quite 100, but some of you checked in with great ways to use up that spring bounty of asparagus. Maids:

I love asparagus in olive oil and salt with a dash of pepper flakes. Simple and delicious.


I second Maids, but definitely have a soft-boiled egg with it. The yolk needs to be still fluid. (In addition to your egg collection)

More ideas?

– And most of you agree that it’s perfectly fine to bring children to fancy restaurants (just as long as your children don’t suck).

Mr. Mean:

If I’m at Outback steakhouse no problem, but if I’m at Komi and you decide to bring your screaming infant to child (does not know how to behave) along with you….SHAME ON YOU….you selfish piece of shit. Its the same as going to a concert and the people around you are having a conversation while you are standing there trying to enjoy the art form… Its not cool at the movies so why should it be at a nice place to eat. I don’t have 200 plus dollars to throw away at just anytime or anywhere. Hire a babysitter.

Too harsh? Not harsh enough?

(Photo: Alaina B.)

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  • Britannia May 21, 2010  

    You’ve just answered your own question, asparagus 100 ways.

  • Roxanne May 23, 2010  

    I wouldn’t mind seeing 100 ways to use zucchini. We grow it during the summer and always have way too much. It gets pretty old after a while.

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