Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week


– Well that got you talking. LB’s list of 100 things restaurant patrons should never do has ESers passionately split down the middle. Jess thinks it’s about time customers got taken down a notch:

As we know all too well, it’s far too easy to lose one’s self in the trenches of negativity and bitterness when reflecting on how much these people just fucking suck. I’m only too lucky that I got out before I officially became a lifer and my heart shriveled up like so many apple slices on my morning fruit plate that went untouched as I greeted the breakfast weeds.

But Stewart is having none of it:

I’m really tired of these lists. Last time I checked, the dining patron is giving you money. You’re not granting favors here. If you don’t like serving people, get out of the service industry.

And Nick wraps it all up:

It seems like almost all of these can be summed up by: Don’t be a douchenozzle.

(Photo: Daniel Greene)

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