Is Educating Parents Too Much to Ask?


Pediatricians are calling for a redesign of the hot dog.

No, I’m not bullshitting you.

Apparently a hot dog is:

The perfect plug for a child’s airway.

Is it, really? A long tubular piece of meat? Are children swallowing these whole?

Now, I don’t have children. But this seems strange.

Oh wait a second. I think these pediatricians mean the small, round coins that parents CUT THE HOT DOGS INTO FOR CHILDREN are a choking hazard.

Here are some ideas for anyone that is concerned:

1) Cut the hot dog in half lengthwise

2) Educate your child on chewing food

3) Don’t feed your child a nitrate filled hot dog if they are too small to chew their own food.

4) Leave my hot dog alone. Seriously.

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  • Kara February 24, 2010  

    Thank god for some common sense. Seriously – are we going to redesign everything in the whole frickin’ world around what’s safe for kids? If your kids are too young to eat hotdogs safely, then either cut them up properly or don’t serve them.

  • mike February 24, 2010  

    i think there is a basic evolutionary principle here: choke to death on a hot dog, don’t get to pass your genes on to the next generation. why fuck with that?

  • eli February 26, 2010  

    umm, hot dog deaths are actually really sad. when i was visiting St Elizabeths in 2001 for an internship, there were 2 people that choked on hotdogs and died that semester. happens a lot in nursing homes and hospitals. y’all are callous.

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