Move Over Wings, Beer Found a New Friend


I have two words: Pretzel. Necklace.

A few weeks ago, I trekked out to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival.  I actually recorded much of our travails, and even interviewed my brother about the organization, the taste, the vibe, and yes, even the drunk snacks being dished out from every vendor like it’s Halloween candy.  Unfortunately, I mistakenly interviewed him at the end of the festival – and just in case he ever runs for public office – the video simply cannot surface.

Despite the plethora of convenient snack vendors (jerky, pulled pork in cups, hot dogs, sausage), we found a much more convenient way satisfy our drunken hunger: We made necklaces.  Out of pretzels.

5 Steps to a Pretzel Necklace

1) Buy a box of Snyder’s Sourdough Hard Pretzels

2) Buy a bag of the small Rold Gold Pretzels

3) Buy a shit load of string

4) Cut the string to necklace size portions

5) Slip the string through a variety of Snyder’s and Rold Gold pretzels and tie ends together

A few things to note: You don’t want the Rold Gold to Snyder’s ratio to be high.  To many big pretzels and it will weigh you down.  Also, the more the better (particularly at a beer festival).  And finally, it’s important that when people gush over your new jewelry, make sure to react like THEY’RE the crazy ones for not wearing such a pretty and tasty necklace.

PS – for the beer drinkers out there, the best one was Sam Adams Utopia.  It is 27.5% alcohol and tastes like a combination of Sam Adams, Whiskey, Chocolate, and Love.  I saw a 50 year old sniff it and his knees buckled.

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  • gansie October 21, 2009  

    edible jewelry. brilliant combination of my two favorite things. now if only i could start eating nail polish…

  • Bryce October 26, 2009  

    Ah! I didn’t even know you were blogging:)
    I found this via my link trackback… great post.
    Hope you’re well!

  • Bryce October 26, 2009  

    ps that sam adams is still in my kitchen. scaring the crap out of me. it’s seriously strong. it’s more like cognac.

  • erica October 28, 2009  

    two words: dental floss (instead of string, but that makes it more than two words).

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