Brass Monkey, That Phunky Phillie


I know what you’re thinking: Why is gansie’s friend Comack holding a Colt 45 bottle filled with an orange liquid — doesn’t Colt 45 look like piss?

Yes, my friends. I’ve recently learned a new way to both consume malt liquor and celebrate the Phillies. In case you weren’t aware, the 2008 World Fucking Champs are now¬†facing the Dogers for the National League Championship Series. And there’s some drinkin’ to be had. Responsible drinking, of course. Responsible drinking in the form of vitamin C and a 40.

Brass Monkey
Unscrew the cap of the Colt 45. Pour out (into a cup—we don’t waste beer) until the curve of the bottle straightens into a column, basically where the label starts. Add orange juice. Chug. Go Phils.

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  • Caleb October 13, 2009  

    Take a solid chug past the label and make up the difference with shitty vodka, add OJ per normal, and you have what some of us here call a Socrates. Pronounced Soh-Crayts.

  • BS October 13, 2009  

    A few of the craziest people I went to college with did this. I never tried. The thought of it still kinda makes me almost puke in my mouth.

  • MelissaMcCart October 13, 2009  

    Miller looks like piss too.

  • Pika October 15, 2009  

    I also recently tried a drink that’s a brass monkey’s cousin – take a 12 oz can of some lite beer, pour into a big glass (like 16 or 20 oz), and mix it with a bit of oj so that it changes color and taste. it’s called a “bojay”

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