Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Stop the British Judge Trend Before It’s Too Late!


How are you going to spend your tax refund?  You know…that money that you overpaid in taxes but which you act like comes from hitting the pick-three lotto.  It’s amazing how eager we are to blow it on luxury items when we get it on April 15th, but which we’d otherwise put away into investments if we received it every other week.  Of course, these days, I suppose it’s less about “luxury items” and more about “mortgage payments and food.”

Times are tough, but you still need to splurge sometimes.  This week, don’t feel bad about buying yourself some Fancy Feast for tonight’s dinner! On with the Smörg…

– Gee, Top Chef Masters looks like a pretty classy operation.  You know what it needs?  A British judge.  Kill me now.

– “Hot” off his stint on the short-lived Chopping Block, Marco Pierre White will be cruising the world and showing tourists how to cook.  For the traveler who likes to mix in some verbal abuse with his rest and relaxation.

– Mark Bittman rails against…well…the concept of edited cooking shows, I think.  At least Bourdain narrows down his scorn to Rachael Ray or Sandra Lee.  Focus, man, focus!

After the jump:  Masochism…or a reasonable reaction to Gordon Ramsay? And Padma Laskhmi without any clothes (no, really!)

– Why is this woman rubbing peppers in her eyes?  Why is Gordon Ramsay there to cheer her on?  We’ll answer these questions and more on this week’s episode of Videos of Weird Shit from India.

Padma’s naked in Allure.  Some celebs do nude photo shoots to promote animal rights.  Some do it because they want to model for a respected photographer like Helmut Newton.  And some do it because making out with a hamburger on television is no longer enough to satisfy their exhibitionist needs.

Photo: scarlatti2004

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  • Britannia April 15, 2009  

    Why the hate???

  • TVFF April 15, 2009  


    Let me just weigh in and assure everyone that I am not an Anglophobe, but that it’s the British Judge cliche that drives me nuts. My post should not, in any way, be misconstrued to be a slight on our friends across the pond.

  • BS April 15, 2009  

    and to be fair, it’s only the same old caricature – the mean british judge – that we’re tired of. I could go for a nice/non-snarky british judge.

  • samhill April 16, 2009  

    To be fair, Jay Raynor is one of this countries most respected food critics. He isn’t some Simon Cowell/Piers Morgan self congratulating idiot. I hope you’re going to be pleasantly surprised

  • gansie April 16, 2009  

    i’m thinking posh spice would be perfect for a tv food judge spot

  • Maids April 21, 2009  

    oh my god, I would take Posh Spice over Padma ANY DAY!

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