Top Chef Masters Exit Interview: The Finale

Another finale, another Top Chef Master. We say farewell to season 3 of Masters with, in this writer’s opinion, a surprising winner — not who I was expecting to walk away with the title. Keep reading to see who won and what they had to say about their title, and let me know in the comments if you think it was deserved.

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Top Chef Masters Exit Interview: Episode 8

In homage to molecular gastronomy, the chefs this week were paired up with a mad scientist of sorts to create a dish using the basic principles of science — and to cook using a chosen principle. I feel as nerdy writing this as James looks in his wardrobe choice of the evening.

With that, let’s find out who went home this week.

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Top Chef Masters Exit Interview: Episode 7

Between the extra-mushy engagement dinner setup and Gael Greene’s tableside tales of hooking up with Elvis, this was certainly the most romantic episode of Top Chef Masters yet, Or as Hugh Acheson put it, “I wanted to vomit in my mouth.”

Aside: speaking of axed chef-testants, Suvir Sarar recently posted an epic, 1,000-word comment to ES expanding on why he shouldn’t have been eliminated a few weeks back. Check it out if you’re up for a pretty intense read. This week’s departing master is not nearly as angry, but does have some thoughts for us, after the jump.

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Top Chef Masters Exit Interview: Episode 6

We’re halfway through the current season of Top Chef Masters, and down to some serious talent — but with that we see some serious talent go home. We had Maroon 5 as guest judges this week, and the chefs had to cook on a tour bus as it made its way to the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles.

Continue reading to see who was sent packing.

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Top Chef Masters Exit Interview: Episode 5

Still watching? Good, so are we. For a show that prides itself on enlisting the best chefs in the country it’s difficult to understand why we don’t get to see their talents exploited. Instead they are challenged with a griddle, a deep fat fryer and a drive-thru window. This week the chefs had to prepare a meal in the kitchen of some fast food joint I’ve never heard of, Farmer Boys.

Keep reading to hear from the chef who packed up their knives.


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Top Chef Masters Exit Interview: Episode 4

Even standing next to a table full of cheese, my eyes can’t stray from the candy that is Curtis Stone (sigh). Despite my cravings for cheese, Top Chef Masters this week went all low-cal by re-creating classic dishes that are usually high in all things that Michelle Obama wouldn’t approve. To keep with the theme, the guest judges/celebs were contestants of The Biggest Loser. Keep reading to see who couldn’t cut the butter, so to speak.

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