Just One More Bite


There’s a tough balance during tasting menus. You know there’s a LOT of food coming your way and you want to be able to try everything. Not be too full by course three. So you try not to finish every plate. Leave a few bites. Make it to dessert, by way of a few cocktails and glasses of wine.

Well, not this dish. At a recent dinner for food writers and bloggers, 1905 showed off its new brunch menu plus a few additions to its dinner menu. The above: Pan roasted shrimp with espelette, served over creamy coconut crab rice. OH the rice. Creamy and soft and nothing like the dried out brown rice I make at home. Will absolutely try adding some coconut milk to my next rice dish. Or I’ll just have to make it back to 1905.

Photo: Dakota Fine/byt

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  • 80 Proof March 18, 2009  

    I just drooled on my keyboard.

  • CookingSchoolConfidential.com March 18, 2009  

    I hear you about that rice. There is a real art to making it correctly. So much so that we spent an entire class (I’m a culinary school student) learning how to do it just so.

    And it is an art, for sure.


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