Use Your Noodle


You know we don’t like you cheating on ES with other food blogs, but if you really must, at least check out our latest sponsor, the delicious looking new food site The Wicked Noodle, which already has a bunch of mouth-watering inventive recipes like dessert margaritas, beer bread, and wasabi-ginger mayo.

Check her out. But come back to us.  We’ll always be here.

(Photo: Oskay)

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  • the wicked noodle March 9, 2009  

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Wicked Noodle is a very new blog, and I am personally very new to the blogging world. One of the nicest – and most surprising – things I’ve found about food blogging is the amazing community among food bloggers. There is such support and camaraderie between us, and it’s a world I’m so glad I decided to jump into.
    Thanks again, ES!! You rock!

    aka The Wicked Noodle

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