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Since we were all-Top Chef, all the time this week, I just had to share this photo. First Tom Colicchio for Diet Coke, now Padma Lakshmi for Hardee’s. What’s next? Gail Simmons for Baconnaise? But I digress. On with the comments…

– Is Stefan the new Carla? Maybe, judging by the love ESers are showering on him:

Eick: Over the course of the season I was warming up to Stefan more and more and starting to like Hosea less and less. This interview is the fucking awesome and the icing on the cake. I am now a full-fledged Stefan proponent. His line about how read the blogs he DID win and will be able to lay valuable eggs – awesome.

Leahsucks: I was hating on Stefan for a while but have been coming around and this interview totally won me over. He’s a lovable good hearted jerk. I don’t think I will be buying the cock panties anytime soon though.

– So who is the new Top Chef villain? Casey, obv. Leahsucks: Umm… Casey’s bitter rant. You are done with TC and we are done with you. Good Day sir. Maids: wow talk about a contrast. Carla = gracious and protective of Casey (True mark of a fine competitor) Casey = nasty and hateful toward Carl.

– Most of you are as excited as we are about bacon cheeseKMango: They serve that on the sammiches you get when you arrive in heaven. But not JoeHoya:

It pains me to say this, but this doesn’t really sound all that appetizing to me. As great as bacon and cheese are separately, and as well as they go together, I worry that the physical joining of the two will compromise the outcome. After all, bacon’s allure is in its texture as well as its taste, and tiny flecks seem like they’d lose that. And the odds are that a cheese that can handle blend-ins like that is going to be rather bland – think pepper jack or any of the fruit-studded stiltons.

And Rachel sums it up: This just proves what I’ve known all along: the bacocalypse is here.

– Finally, Yvo reaches out with a phyllo phroblem: I’ll risk sounding like an f-tard (a new word I just made up! how do you like it? I was getting tired of saying r-tard) but I don’t understand the folding process. Can you do video? I’m serious, I have a pack of the stuff in my freezer and I’m terrified because it sounds complicated and I’m not that dexterous.

It’s totally not as hard as it looks Yvo. I was floored at how simple it was when I actually saw someone fold them for the first time. Just go with your gut — you might get one or two weird-looking ones but then you’ll get it. That said, we should def put together a video — or anyone seen a good video explanation of this around?

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  • Maids February 27, 2009  

    hardees! Really, the nail is now in the coffin for on my brief romance with Padma Lakshmi. Now I’m a full on Padma hater. Watch out!

  • BS February 27, 2009  

    come to think of it, you might say Hardee’s is “pedestrian at best”

  • KMango February 27, 2009  

    Ew. Padma, please pack your knives and go anywhere but Hardee’s!

  • City Girl March 1, 2009  

    Just discovered your blog via twitter – am loving the tone – it seems like some of you live in DC still? Did it all start here or migrate here?

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