Is Gourmet Gonzo?


As most of you probably know, the entire print media industry is currently in a state of declining ad sales utter panic. This whole annoying recession thing means all kinds of companies have stopped buying advertisements, which makes it awfully hard for publications that rely on those advertisements to turn a profit, and yet glossy ad pages have still not made it onto Obama’s list of industries that get a magic bailout.

Not surprisingly, this has led to layoffs virtually everywhere, and more than a few publications have already gone out of business. But so far, those folding completely have mostly been limited to fringe-y publications and spinoff mags — Men’s Vogue, CosmoGirl, Cigar Aficionado 4 Kids and the like. But the continuing recession has led to a new gruesome media world guessing game — which mag is the next to die? Shockingly, at least one Wall Street analyst says your favorite purveyor of squirrel tartare and hypocritical inserts could be the first major food magazine asked to pack its shrinkwrap and leave:

Gourmet will probably not see the end of the year…From 2004 to 2008, Gourmet’s ad pages have dropped from 1,364 to 955, with a 24% drop last year.  January’s ad pages were down another 32% according to MIN. Gourmet can survive since it has a competitive audience of web visitors to its food site, but it will have to migrate totally to its website.

Woah! To be fair, this is just rumor-mongering and not based on any kind of actual knowledge, but still, the fact that we’re even discussing a food world without the biggest, snootiest title of them all is pretty insane!

What do you think? Would you guys mourn the loss of Gourmet? What food pub could you not live without? Better yet, what food title would you love to see hit the highway?

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  • Mrs. L February 4, 2009  

    I’m miss them all since I think I’m addicted to them. But since I haven’t thrown a Bon App or Gourmet (or a Cooks Illustrated) out in about twenty years, I’d have plenty of mags to go back and check out.

  • dosdos February 4, 2009  

    I love looking through my old stacks of Cigar Aficionado 4 Kids on rainy days… elementary school was such a carefree time…

  • gansie February 4, 2009  

    what im curious about is that food network just launched their mag. wonder how that will be able to stay alive.

  • Maids February 4, 2009  

    if it’s more of a gossip column about the FN shows, maybe that’s how they’ll stay afloat… Those soap opera mags still have a market

  • Dean February 4, 2009  

    If Gourmet folds please pin a tracking device on Ruth Reichl. Her monthly one-page column often explores the psychological and emotional impact of food and justifies the price of the subscription.

  • Kate February 4, 2009  

    See I think Cooks Illustrated/ATC is much bigger and snootier. I mean have you seen the bow tie? Plus they make you subscribe to get their recipes online. What is it the 90s? I could live without them, but I kind of like Gourmet, and the goofy picture of Ruth Reichl at the beginning of every mag.

  • gansie February 4, 2009  

    i would call cooks ill/ATK anal chefs, not necessarily snobs.

    they never use un-heard-of ingredients. they usually make over homey-Americana dishes like meat loaf. i’d say if anything, theyre those dorky-snobs. not the, i have traveled the world, know every paris bistro and am friends w/ all nyc chefs, like gourmet.

    cant you tell i loved high school w/ all of my classifying of cliques

  • belmontmedina February 4, 2009  

    Count me firmly in the Cooks Illustrated camp- it’s like the Joy of Cooking for me, only better, because everything I make from JoC turns out terribly, and everything from CI is awesome. I like Gourmet, but I look to it for inspiration mostly. Besides, the no ad thing seems to be working quite well for CI.

  • BS February 5, 2009  

    ps…just saw this on our twitter feed…has anyone see in yet?

  • 80 Proof February 5, 2009  

    The premier issue has a riveting expose on Brett Favre’s steakhouse. Sounds like a winner to me!

  • Candus February 5, 2009  

    Hi! Thank you re the Brett Favre comment! Regarding all the magazines folding and The FOOD Mag just launching… I have to say that our secret is we aren’t owned by a major media conglomerate. Just me. We don’t have all the expenses that other publications have. We will definitely be around for a long time and appreciate everyone’s feedback on our Premier issue!

    Candus Jane Zanghi
    The FOOD Magazine

  • Lisa (dinner party) February 6, 2009  

    It’s hard to imagine Gourmet folding, but I’m a bigger fan of Bon Appetit these days. Ever since their redesign last year, I’ve been hooked. And I just think their recipes are much more geared toward the average home cook, but not so dumbed down that you’re in Sandra Lee territory.

    Thanks for reminding me about Cigar Aficionado 4 Kids. I need to resubscribe.

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  • warren beatty September 20, 2009  

    To: Candus Jane Zanghi
    From : H.W. Beatty
    I’ve read many food and dinning related magazines before, your publication is the worse. Now that might be harsh for an independent and brand new magazine, however it is above all accurate. From the start let’s think about the magazine and publishing efforts, in today’s shrinking economy and expansion of digital media, why print a niche magazine?. For a young magazine with limited funding and market, why aren’t you more forward thinking. The only ideas that will last in this economy must breathe a new life into the way that we consume information. You lack the basic skills to recognize meta data as a necessity with today’s media. People love to explore idea and yet you do nothing to encourage with limited media thinking. Yes the internet is great, blogs are fantastic, however they are even better when they are weaved into our daily lives. The magazine should be a starting point, not an end, your website is dated and unimaginative as is your magazine name. Second, there is the actual content. it can be summarized as amateur. The recipes are simply re-prints which I already own, and the chefs are only there because they are celebrities on the food network/ top chef. I’m not debating their skill, it just we in the food world have already read it, made it, enjoyed it. And the magazine seems to dwell on their status more than food. We love the new, who are the new chefs, where are they taking food and how can we join the ride. All point which your print fails to achieve. The new food market aren’t housewives they are the young vibrant foodies, who wake up early to get the best produce and deals, who appreciated the flavors, beauty and ritual that is cooking. It’s time to stop take a breath and think about food, like we in society are all starting to do.

    H.W. Beatty
    P.S. Annette enjoyed the article on chef Ripert

  • Maids September 21, 2009  

    whaaa? Who the hell is Candus Jane Zanghi? And why does Warren Beatty hate her so much? She doesn’t even have a page on wikipedia…. As such how is she possibly important enough to garner the attention of Mr. Dick Tracy Bullworth?

  • LC September 21, 2009  

    I have to say, I didn’t know that George Roundy was a “we in the food world” but maybe that’s because I’m not a young or vibrant enough foodie.

  • JoeHoya September 21, 2009  

    And who would have guessed he’d have such poor grammar…or link to a picture of himself on an Italian website?

    Count me firmly in the “Cooks Illustrated” has to stay column…I have a healthy respect for anyone who cooks thirty-five versions of a dish to find that perfect recipe.

  • BS September 21, 2009  

    Either this is the oddest comment spam ever, or Warren Beatty is the frontrunner for 2009 eater of the year.

  • Me September 24, 2009  

    @ Maids, Candus is a strange, self-important blowhard. You haven’t heard of her because she hasn’t done anything but put out a sub-par magazine. I don’t know what sparked H.W.’s rant, but mine starts with having read the premier issue of her awful magazine and then seeing this:
    Just mind-blowingly childish. After seeing her work and then this she comes off as someone who only made it into the industry by connections. Certainly not talent or class.

  • annoyed June 26, 2010  

    To all the people she owes money to, she lives in Centreville, VA. Not sure what her real name is…has a ton of different names she goes by.

  • Melysa June 27, 2010  

    I seriously think she has paranoid personality disorder…she is very strange. Won’t leave people alone….acts like a child. Has no regard for the saftey to others. Someone needs to take her away and institutionalize her. I grew up with her and she doesn’t shower at all and is up all night afraid people are out to get her. Please she such a loser and so not important to sociaty. No one cares about her. She is so emaotioanlly retarded and a pathological liar. She get s everything bad that happens to her. She’s getting evicted soon…landlord file paperwork to get her out of here…set for July. Doesn’t work…how does she make money? My guess panhandles or cons money from people. What a low life.

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