Momofuku You, Too


Check out my article over at Wired about the pure craziness surrounding getting one of the 12 seats at Momofuku Ko.

So much has already been written about the food at Momofuku Ko, so I won’t bore you with yet another full rundown of the 10-course tasting menu. But I did manage to snag a reservation (don’t ask how!) so I do of course have a few points I just have to share.

– The first thing they serve you is an English muffin. I shit you not. They even call it that. Of course it has pork fat slathered on top. Naturally.

– I’ve had quite a go making fun of Frank Bruni of the New York Times for this quote about the pea soup with morels and crawfish: “such resonant pea flavor that you wonder about the bastard pedigree of all prior peas in your life.”

What a thing to say about any dish, right? It’s true though. I don’t understand how peas could taste this good. Damn you, previous bastard peas! Damn you to hell!

– The craziest dish had to be the pine nut brittle topped with lychee, a foamy riesling gelee, and shaved foie gras. The FG was actually a little too much for me, but can we talk about pine nut brittle? I had no idea it even existed. Someone send me a recipe, stat!

Race for Reservations Turns New York Eatery Into Net Obsession [Wired]

Photo: Noah Kalina
Momofuku Ko on Urbanspoon

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6 thoughts on “Momofuku You, Too

  1. No.. not ES… even you? Really? Momofuku and the dickwad who banned food photography from his restaurant? Hmph.

  2. sorry, to let you down Yvo. It’s hard for any food blogger to resist the urge of the Chang. Gans – it is indeed uncomfortable – and the server/hostess ppl have to walk through that little space while you’re sitting there!

  3. Perhaps the pea soup was seasoned with yet more pork fat. I’ve been told sinning tastes delicious.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised. Look, I love pork fat as much as the next fat girl, or even not-fat girl, whatever, as much as not-even-close-to-religious-and/or-kosher girl does, but his antics are outrageous. And come on. Clearly he’s trying to torture people for wanting his food – he makes them do ridiculous things for a res. at Ko, he makes them sit on those hard chairs while hostesses walk by, he overclogs our arteries (albeit with porky deliciousness), and he now has banned photography within the restaurant saying “It’s food. Just eat it” – he must be waiting, nay, TRYING TO MAKE THE MOMENT COME when one of us says “ENOUGH ALREADY, you f*ckface!” ‘scuse my French.

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