To be Considered, You Must Submit One Full-body Shot (Bikini or Nude) and a Recent Pay Stub Showing Proof of Employment at the Olive Garden


No, that’s not the skeeziest craigslist roommate ad of all time, it’s merely the submission guidelines for Playboy’s newest themed pictorial “Girls of the Olive Garden.”

And this isn’t a joke, apparently the men’s mag has run out of college conferences to profile and has turned to everyone’s favorite purveyor of free breadsticks to find America’s next top nude model.

The inspiration for the contest is a woman named Kendra Wilkinson, whose illustrious life accomplishments include her roles as one of Hugh Hefner’s pretend girlfriends; and as runner-up to Shar Jackson on MTV’s Celebrity Rap Superstar. Shar Jackson, for the record, is Britney Spears’ ex-husband’s baby mama (and she’s a rap superstar, but you knew that).

And, Kendra’s a blogger! You see, Kendra’s mom is a former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader and a proud resident of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, which qualifies Kendra to blog about the Eagles.

With the Hef pushing 83, Kendra is apparently pulling the shots over at Playboy, and because she loves the Olive Garden more than life itself, she’s decided to feature their waitresses in a pictorial that is totally not endorsed by the restaurant chain (although NY Post reports they won’t fire their employees if they pose).

After the jump, Kendra explains what it takes to make it as a girl of the O.G.

Interested? Email or check out the contest details online (NSFW advisory for all you worker bees, while the link isn’t dirty, it is contained in the URL

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13 thoughts on “To be Considered, You Must Submit One Full-body Shot (Bikini or Nude) and a Recent Pay Stub Showing Proof of Employment at the Olive Garden

  1. kendra was so mean to holly when it was her birthday, she’s not a nice person.

    its not surprising she’s a fan of the olive garden.

  2. Well, Kendra can say what she wants, but the Sports Arena Olive Garden doesn’t hold a candle to the El Cajon, CA Olive Garden. I mean, from the brick-like walls, to the glade-scented fabric flowers, it’s like you’re dining al fresco in Naples and you forget all about yelling at that guy that you’re going to call the cops if he doesn’t stop trying to sell you crystal meth.

  3. I would like to see you and Kendra engage in an hour-long debate about this

  4. BS, you remember that I used to work at the Olive Garden, right?

  5. haha I knew that, just wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to mention on the blog. As a former employee, you’re not eligible, it that’s what you’re thinking

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