Maybe You Shouldn’t Be Such a Hungry Man

hungry man

You know those Hungry Man commercials. It’s like, oh, only wussies eat salad or whatever. Okay, that was a bad impression, but I think you know what I’m talking about. The whole notion that MEN need a pound of food is sexist and unhealthy. Not to mention completely fucking wrong.

So it was nice to see Men’s Health feature the 20 worst foods found in restaurants, plus suggestions for alternatives. Vanity is in.

[youtube hSLp5yt2C8Q]

Photo: Scritchy Pictures

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  • Jeb February 25, 2008  

    Well jesus Fing Christ…I’m glad to say that nearly every thing listed is not something I’ve ever even tried before. However, this is still depressing considering I go out to lunch every day. 3 chicken tacos today (I’m guessing 1000 calories), who knows what I’ll eat tomorrow.

    Thanks for the educational session. When I’m in DC this weekend, I expect you to cook some healthy things. No I’m not being sexist.

  • gansie February 26, 2008  

    sure, jeb. i mean, clearly, i’ll just be wearing an apron and heels waiting to fix you something nutritious to eat. ask 80, that’s what i’m always doing. oh, and cleaning. i’m always cleaning.

  • Jeb February 26, 2008  

    Awesome, thanks Gansie. I should be in around 6 or so, just in time for some din din!

  • biot3ch April 13, 2008  

    LMAO, “Hungryman” is sexist and evil!!! Now, I’ve heard it all…

  • Maids February 3, 2009  

    I was mouth open aghast at that diet pepsi commercial. I mean, really. I thought Pepsi was trying to be the hip new generation cola… The change we can believe in. Instead it proved itself to be lame as mccain… more of the same.

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