Hott Linkin, That’s Some Crazy Drinkin


– In a case of two wrongs definitely making a very wrong, now available: Bud Light with Clamato. [via the Champagne of Blogs]

Basilcello! Now that’s more like it. Throw in some pine nuts and I’m sold.

– Who knew Dr. Pepper was supposed to be heated before serving? I’m ’bout to try that one of these cold winter nights. Maybe with some Dr. Schnapps mixed in. [via SoGood]

Photo: Cruft

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9 thoughts on “Hott Linkin, That’s Some Crazy Drinkin

  1. Wow. Just wow. Bud light with Clamato TALL BOY. Bocce will never be the same.

    (for reference, our bocce team, yes bocce team, has a tall boy fetish. Wait, that came out all wrong.)

  2. I take it back…for your crime against food bloggery you must chug three bud light clamato tall boys

  3. I wonder if you could duplicate Poste’s Basil Lemontini by mixing basilcello and limoncello? At the very least, it would be super boozy!

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