Bloody Brilliant

blood M

Can someone please tell me why Bloody Marys are only deemed appropriate on Saturday and Sunday brunches? Because if you ask me (and the ultimate B-Mary supporter, Julie) – I find them delicious any time of day.

I also love this drink because I actually feel like I’m “cooking” when I make it. I’m not just throwing in some juice and alcohol, but I’m building an entirely different taste with each dash of hot sauce and each sprinkle of pepper I add.

And while I’m still perfecting the exact ratio of alcohol and mixer and spice (re: 80P – get on that !), I’ll just throw out these tips:

  • Clamato juice (part tomato juice, part clam broth) is your friend.
  • As 80P would demand – don’t use a store bought “mix.”
  • Create your own flavor blend incorporating horseradish, freshly chopped garlic
    and celery salt.
  • And, be sure to drink this at night. You may not find a bar to supply this cocktail on any given evening, but totally serve this at your next get together or, frankly, on your weekday night cap.

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  • Very very good girl November 6, 2007  

    funny this should be your post, as just this weekend we hosted a fete where bloody marys were made around 11am and again around 7pm. I was missing horseradish, but used a splash of Worcestershire, Frank’s red hot (a Pittsburgh staple) & a few shakes of a local KC bbq joints beef rub. I also learned that in Wisconsin they reportedly serve them with a pickle in place of celery. Who wants to head north for some cheese and a bloody mary??

  • BS November 6, 2007  

    I’ve never been a fan – too much tomato for me – but at least in theory, I have to support a drink that allows for the addition of bacon.

  • JoeHoya November 6, 2007  

    I do love a good Bloody Mary – the spicier the better!

    Hooray for freshly ground horseradish.

  • gansie November 6, 2007  

    freshly ground h-radish?!?! that is something i’ve yet to progress to. i’m currently good w/ my prepared h-radish. but, thanks, joehoya, for keeping me on my toes.

  • Julie November 6, 2007  

    I figure this is the perfect post to officially induct myself into the endless family — its been way too long a comin.’

    Single best addition to the perfect mary — pepper vodka. All I can say is that it adds a depth that addicts crave and dabblers can certainly appreciate.

    Other good additions: olives, lime, and old bay.

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